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220 Initiatives

2022-2023 Theme 

Each school year Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Hunt launches a theme for the district. The theme for the 2021-22 school year was #SeetheStudent220. The theme for the 2022-23 school year will be announced August 19, 2022. Stay tuned!


"Lines Elementary School is a professional learning community that believes in the importance and power of learning by doing. Our students are actively engaged in hands-on authentic exercises that promote experiential learning."

Dr. Ken HyllbergPrincipalArnett C. Lines Elementary

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Innovation 220

The Barrington 220 School District is a nationally recognized school district known for its rich history, sense of community and innovative curriculum.

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    Lines Elementary

    Photo of Kevin Kienzle

    Being able to teach at Lines Elementary is truly a blessing. The students and staff are passionate about learning and the best part is we do it while having fun!Kevin KienzlePhysical Education Teacher

    Lines school is like a second home to me. I never want to leave. Our teachers are kind and our principal is so funny. Teachers never give up on us if we are having a hard time learning something new. They always make extra time to make sure I know it.


    Eliana CollinsStudent

    Photo of Julie Stott

    When you walk into Lines, you can't help but feel welcomed and happy. The smiles every day, from both the students and the staff, show that this is a place we all love to be!Julie Stott5th Grade Teacher

    Photo of Logan O'Hara

    Lines is a wonderful place to learn and the teachers are nice. There are so many fun friends to play with at Lines.Logan O'HaraStudent

    Photo of Kim Gillengerten

    Seeing how happy our kids are coming to school and engaging in learning makes me so proud to be a Lines teacher!Kim GillengertenReading Resource Teacher

    Photo of Sammy Hudson

    Lines is better than all the other schools because of the principal and teachers!Sammy HudsonStudent